The Presiding Elder’s Greeting

It is with the love of God and this historical powerful season, that I humbly thank God and Bishop Frank Madison Reid, III for the opportunity to delightfully serve the wonderful Pastors and Members of the “Quintessential” Quincy-Monticello District. Thank you for your warm welcome, genuine prayers, love, support and encouragement. We delightfully Welcome, Celebrate and Appreciate our esteemed Episcopal Leaders, Bishop Frank Madison Reid, III and Supervisor Marlaa Hall Reid, as “VICTORY STARTS HERE” Deuteronomy 20:4 NIV I, warmly welcome each of my dedicated Presiding Elders, Retired Pastors, Ministers, Deaconesses, Spouses, District Stewards, District Officers, Component Heads, Stewards, Trustees, Stewardesses, Local Presidents, Laity, Youth and visiting Friends to our Virtual District Conference 2022.

I know as we trust God, obey His Word and receive His Divine Revelations, we will have increase, abundance and overflow! It’s awesome to know, “We Got It: A Rich History ~ A Rich Heritage ~ A Rich Healing” The African Methodist Episcopal Church has a rich history and we shall pray, preach, teach, witness, work and win souls for Jesus Christ. I encourage each of you as God’s anointed leaders, to remain faithful in 2022 with God’s love and favor overshading you. We delight in fulfilling our Mission of Salvation and Liberation, meeting the needs of God’s people and prophetically proclaiming the powerful Word of God.  Thank you to all our Presiding Elders, Ret., Pastors, Spouses and the fine Officers and Members of the qualified Quincy-Monticello District, for your kindness and superb support and to Everyone who made our District Conference a blessing, as we continue to grow closer to God and to one another.

In His Care,

Valarie J. Walker

Reverend Valarie J. Walker, Presiding Elder

Sister Sybil D. Keys, District Consultant

Presiding Elder Valarie Walker

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